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New figure. :D (more in coming weeks)

It's about that time for the fall/winter figures to start coming in. :D
Just got in this figure yesterday.. (Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko from HenNeko.. cute figure.. really looks just like the character! Though.. the pose is a little.. h~)

Illustration for article titled New figure. :D (more in coming weeks)

Next up.. I have the winter Kudryavka Noumi (Little Busters!).. and a Squid Girl figma incoming in the next week or two... Samus figma.. Link figma (eventually? no date on him yet)... Oh ya.. and Rin Natsume (Little Busters!) Nenderoid in a week or so also. :D
Tharja (Fire Emblem) in Dec... and Swamp Witch in early/mid 2014. ... I think that's it..

Once a few more come in, and I get more organized on my display cases.... I may finally get around to doing a Crib/Setup post. :) MAYBE. haha

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